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Bills Khakis Belts? Trunk Shows? Mr. Thomas’ Close-up?

April 17, 2008


Last night, we were treated to dinner by some of the kind folks from Bills Khakis out in California from Pennsylvania. There were a couple of interesting news nuggets we were able to extract after a couple of Tanqueray & Tonics: 

  1. Bills Khakis will be introducing their first-ever leather belt next Spring. The belt, which as you can imagine will be a casual leather belt you would wear with khakis, will be made one-at-a-time by Amish craftsmen not far from Bills’ headquarters in Reading, PA. We haven’t seen a prototype yet, but we’ll try to make a photo available as soon as we can so you can pre-order an accessory we are confident will sell briskly.
  2. Bills will soon be lauching a website that will show next seasons’ Limited Edition products in advance, and direct you to your favorite Bills’ retailer — we hope that’s us — to order them. This will empower Bills loyalists to order exactly the pants they want in the model, sizes, and colors they want, rather than hoping that we buy their favorite combination.
  3. In that same spirit, we will be video-taping our buying appointment with Bills in July (shopping for Spring ’09). Our "guest" salesperson will be Bill Thomas himself, the Founder of Bills Khakis. While others can view 2 dimensional photos and text descriptions of the pants, On The Fly customers will be able to hear from Bill himself what inspired each piece, while also getting unscripted reactions from our buyer. Look for that to be made available in late July!

More insider information to come as soon as we dig it up…

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