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Onda’s to Sell Out in May

May 1, 2008


OndaOk, we don’t really know that the Onda — Michael Toschi’s best-selling shoe — is going to "sell out" in May. What we do know is that it will be featured in a full-page advertisement in United Airlines’ Hemispheres magazine. If you were contemplating a purchase of the Onda, now is the time to do it. Like, in the next couple days or so. Seriously.

Michael Toschi received a GIANT shipment of shoes from Italy the other day, and our inventory file has been updated to reflect new arrivals. Onda or no Onda, perhaps the shoe you’ve been looking for is in-stock.

On another note, Forbes.com recently named the Berta one of "Ten Shoes Every Man Should Own". Not bad!  

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