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Mulholland’s Urban Sport Line Arrives

July 8, 2008


Mulholland Brothers’ "Urban Sport" line has finally arrived, and are they going to turn heads. The idea behind the line was to introduce bags designed to hold a lot of stuff, and to take a beating. In the words of the company’s CEO, Jay Holland, the line features "a plethora of pockets and padding".

Each piece is made of a practically-bulletproof ballistic nylon (we are not claiming that it is actually bullet-proof!) with leather accents. Each bag features contrast stitching and contrast zippers in two colors: Cayenne or Lime.

The International Carry-on Trolley is probably the most interesting piece by pure serendipity. Designed to fit on international flights where carry-on sizes are usually smaller, it should not be surprising to anyone if U.S. carriers begin to shrink carry-on sizes too. With surcharges already being added for luggage, fuel, pets, meals, etc., the lighter you can travel, the heavier your Classic Billfold will remain.  

You can see the first 7 pieces of the Urban Sport line here.

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