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Free Styptic Pen Offer!

August 13, 2008


With your purchase of $75 or more worth of products from The Art of Shaving, we will throw in a free Styptic Pen on the house. What is a Styptic Pen, and why should you care?

A styptic pen is a little nub of a natural mineral that helps soothe razor burn, and stop the bleeding from an occasional shaving nick. In our experience, the use of high quality shaving products — a pre-shave oil, badger brush, shave cream, and a quality razor — will greatly reduce the frequency and severity of cuts when compared to products you might find in a grocery store. But even with the best instruments, the occasional cut still occurs. Having a styptic pen handy saves you the embarrassment of a small piece of tissue stuck to your neck. 

Our gift to you. Because Nicks Happen.  

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