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Pre-Ordering Limited Edition for Spring 2009!

August 28, 2008


We’ll probably be doing an email campaign about this shortly, but wanted to get the news in the hands of our hardcore Khaki Aficionados first. 

One of the biggest challenges we face as a retailer of Bills Khakis is buying Limited Edition products for each season. Invariably, if we buy Seersucker pants pleated, we’ll have customers that wanted plain fronts. If we buy M2, we have customers that only wear M1. And if we bought Sandstone, Kiwi, and Sky, of course we have the customer that wanted them in Coral. 

Well, now there is a solution to that problem. Bills Khakis just launched a new website called BillsKhakisPub.com where you can preview the Spring 2009 line and buy them from us through their website! To preview the line, you first pick your preferred retailer (we hope that is us for Free Shipping & Free Hemming!), and then reserve whatever pants you want. If it helps, our zip code is 94107 so you can set us as your preferred retailer.

We are hoping to have a video of our Spring appointment online soon which features the Founder, Bill Thomas, going through the entire Spring line. In the meantime, take their preview and reserve your M2 Pleated Kalamkari Shorts in size 35 today!

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