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A Brief History of Trafalgar’s Limited Edition Braces

December 6, 2009


Wearing Trafalgar’s
conversational Limited Edition Braces is, without question, a most
discreet and elegant manner of expressing one?s dash, style, and sense
of humor. Many of these hand-loomed silk braces have already
established themselves as collectible and wearable works of art. In
fact, there have been numerous gentlemen willing to purchase braces
from early sold-out editions for several times their original worth.

Some notable and celebrated individuals wore the originals, including
Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Benjamin Disraeli, and Oscar Wilde. Recent
limited editions of these braces are enjoyed by a diverse and worldly
group of aficionados – from royalty to rockstars, Supreme Court
justices, film directors, sports heroes, diplomats, novelists, and
adventurers. Pick a pair that suits your fancy. Wear them with your
casual, business, or evening attire and enjoy the wonderful new
dimension they bring to your life. But beware! If not already a
devotee, you may soon find yourself collecting these timeless braces.

The intricate designs seen in these pages a rewoven using only the
finest denier silk yarns. Yarns that are so very delicate, they could
not be used on today?s high speed looms. In the early 1970?s, Marley
Hodgson, the founder of Traalgar, discovered eight disassembled 200
year-old wooden looms in an abandoned European carriage house.
Originally built like fine pianos, Hodgson had each loom re-built and
refurbished over a two-year period. Today, one of Europe?s finest
weavers is producing these brace fabrics in limited editions, in part,
because even the most skilled crafts men can only weave five yards of
narrow silk fabric a day.

The artistic and sometimes whimsical designs
of the Limited Edition braces come from a variety of sources. Many have
been generously loaned for reproduction by collectors, some of whom
were members of the original ?International Society of Brace Collectors?. Over twenty-five are faithful reproductions of pre-WWII New
York City haberdasher, Calvin Curtis – who designed eccentric, often
humorous braces for influential men of the period. He created America
Hurrah for Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the early 1940?s.

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