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A quick word on Fall’s cords

September 10, 2010


Fall CorduroyThere are at least 3 different Bills Khakis corduroy pants on the website and in our store (with a 4th one coming soon), and we thought we should take a second to explain the subtle differences: 

  • The 11 Wale Cord is back. This is the basic cord in Khaki and Sage that Bills has stocked for a while, but disappeared during Spring and Summer. It’s a mid-weight fabric in basic, neutral colors, and they will never go out of style.
  • The Dixie Wale Cord is a feather-weight cord, and we’ve started calling it the "Global Warming Cord". It weighs in at 5.1 oz, which is lighter than their Lightweight Cotton Poplin! So you get the look of corduroy (which is great for Fall) with the comfort of a Spring/Summer pant. And we bought them in a handful of colors for those that want something more interesting than khaki.
  • The Pima Corduroy is the Cord Aficionado’s cord. It’s a 17 wale cord made of American grown Supima cotton woven in Italy with a little bit of stretch for comfort. Obviously, you pay for it (they’re $245/pair), but they are scrumptious. They are so irresistible that we have them coming in a 5-Pocket (jeans-like) model in another month or two.
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