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Fit for a Duke (and Duchess)

July 6, 2011


In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, there was a low key affair in April called the Royal Wedding. Much as we appreciated the spectacle as one of the dwindling occasions to see morning dress actually worn, what also drew us were some of the gifts gifted to the newly minted Duke and Duchess.

A case in point: the S.T. Dupont travel trunks that were the nuptial offering of the French government. As the (unfortunately named) site Born Rich writes in this story, these custom pieces also included a variety of other accessories, including a Ligne 2 lighter and writing instruments made from Dupont’s signature black Chinese lacquer.

While us the salt of the earth remain barred from getting our hands on our own version of those special trunks ? the locks of which are engraved with the seal of the French government ? the smaller accessories are within reach. You are hereby encouraged to peruse the S.T. Dupont collection by clicking here.

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